Our Solution

Take control of your asset data.

Hubble is an agentless SaaS platform, which leverages technology intelligence curation and behavioral analysis methods to deliver precise, contextualized asset information and asset data visualizations unlike any other.

Context Matters

A simple asset list is not enough. Bring business, technological and security context to your technology asset information and enable critical decision making through data visualization that’s as comprehensive as it is easy to use.

Rapid Time to Value

Get immediate value from the platform – no waiting for agents to be deployed. Start seeing contextualized asset data through simple and stunning charts the second Hubble connects with your data sources.

Powerful Simplicity

Unlike other products, Hubble is simple to use, inexpensive to implement, requires little training and enables the elimination of other costly processes and technologies in your enterprise.

Enterprise-wide asset data visualization in one platform.

Powerful Search—Simple Interface

Quickly search through your asset metadata, through either our familiar search query language or via direct GraphQL queries for expert users. Results can be viewed through both powerful visualizations and numerous reporting formats.

Fully Agentless—Rapid Deployment

Our fully agentless approach allows for rapid deployment and time to value. Our platform unlocks much of the trapped value already sitting in your enterprise, applying proprietary analytics to provide unique insights.

A True Platform—Flexible in Every Way

From our API-first approach, to customizable dashboards and limitless use-cases, we have built our platform from the ground up with the end-user in mind. Our platform comes cyber security and IT operations focused modules but can be easily tailored to meet the growing demands of businesses. Our powerful API and CLI tool can be used to directly interact with your asset data, enabling rapid integration to your own technologies.

Are you ready to see how Hubble can accelerate your business?