Hubble for CISOs

We understand the challenges of securing your assets and making sure all the right controls are in place. Hubble enables today’s CISOs to construct an accurate, continually updated map of their asset universe, providing visibility into the entire ecosystem.

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Hear from a fellow CISO

Their problem

We were looking for a solution that could provide us with global insight into our network. We have a vastly complex environment with a wide variety of physical devices, assets in the cloud and virtualized infrastructure. We further needed a solution that could provide flexible dashboards to display asset information in a clear and concise manner.

Their solution

Insight means not only having an accurate inventory but also having awareness of potential issues like missing software and configurations. Lastly, we need to have trust and confidence in this insight in order to expand the scope and scale of our automated processes. Hubble is the only platform that can truly deliver on this and is the definitive source of truth for our team. Hubble's flexible, customizable dashboards now enables a wide range of stakeholders across our team.
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Align security ops and business line objectives

What is the business significance of a given asset in my environment? Does a system require a greater amount of scrutiny from a security perspective due to the asset supporting a critical business function? Hubble closes these gaps — enabling a high performing security team.


Attack surface, inside and out

Leverage our powerful search and dashboard features to gain an enterprise-wide understanding of your attack surface — from OT to cloud and everything in-between.


Demonstrable compliance

Demonstrate a command for your commitment to maintaining and operationalizing your asset inventory. Dashboard reporting allows you to stay ahead of aggressive cyber security and industry regulations, with automatically generated reporting for your auditors.


Extract value in hours, not days

Why Hubble?
  • Built by experts, designed for everyone

    Hubble provides value to users with a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets.
  • Backed by the best

    Hubble is well positioned in the market and recognized by organizations such as the WEF as a pioneer in the industry.
  • Agility and maturity

    We solve the most pressing challenges associated with asset visibility.

Bring complete visibility to your technology assets