Empower Your Services with Threat Exposure Management

For Managed Security Service Providers looking to differentiate their service portfolio, Hubble provides the ultimate vantage point. Bring unmatched threat exposure management to your customers with asset visibility, exposure prioritization, Security and IT remediation coordination and stand out in the MSSP market.

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Integrated Asset Overview

Asset visibility from Hubble can be easily integrated with leading vulnerability management platforms to continuously improve scan coverage and performance.

Agile & Adaptable Platform

Cater to diverse client needs, from SMBs to large organizations, with a platform designed for flexibility.

Seamless Integration

Augment your existing solutions with Hubble, ensuring smoother onboarding and client handovers.

The partnership between Legato Security and Hubble lead to an evolution in the MDR industry. Integrating asset visibility and controls into MDR sets a new standard, and provides customers a more effective and efficient way to secure their networks and reduce their attack surface

Co-Founder & CEO, Legato Security
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Elevate Your MSSP Offerings

Hubble boosts MSSP offerings through agile solution insights, enhanced tool integration like CMDB and EDR, and strengthened collaboration with client security teams.

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  • Comprehensive Asset Visibility

    Understand client requirements for agile, IT-led solutions, and heighten asset visibility amidst multifaceted tech stacks.
  • Data Enrichment

    Enrich best-in-class tools like CMDB and EDR to amplify your service value.
  • Meaningful Collaboration

    Forge closer collaborations with in-house security teams of client organizations for improved synchronization.

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Security Practitioner

Empower your security team with real-time asset visibility, seamlessly integrated into your complex security landscape and transforming your approach to vulnerability management, incident response, compliance, and more.



Bring complete visibility to your technology assets