In a digital-first environment where cyber threats continually evolve, organizations must adapt with equal agility to manage exposures effectively. Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) programs offer a resilient framework, but how can you optimize it for superior results? Enter Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM). This innovative approach not only complements CTEM but revolutionizes it, and here’s where Hubble’s proficiency makes a substantial difference.


CAASM: The Bedrock of Effective CTEM

CAASM offers a holistic viewpoint of all internal and external assets through seamless API integrations with existing tools. By consolidating data, identifying vulnerabilities, and recommending timely remediations, it addresses the integral challenge: visibility and control over an organization’s attack surface.


CAASM’s Role in CTEM

Enhanced Visibility:

CAASM provides unparalleled visibility into every security asset, which is crucial for identifying potential exposures and mitigating threats in real-time, aligning perfectly with CTEM’s proactive stance.

Data Consolidation:

With CAASM, data from various sources is normalized and consolidated, offering security teams a coherent and comprehensive view of the threat landscape, allowing for efficient exposure management.

Swift Identification and Remediation:

CAASM identifies vulnerabilities and exposure scopes promptly, suggesting effective remediation actions, thereby empowering organizations to respond to threats swiftly and decisively.


Hubble’s CAASM Expertise: Leading the Charge

Hubble’s cutting-edge Aurora™ CAASM platform is a powerhouse for organizations seeking robust, dependable CTEM solutions. Here’s why:

Next-Gen Cyber Asset Visibility:

Aurora™ provides a 360-degree view of all assets, mapping dependencies and overlaying vulnerability data for effective prioritization and remediation, indispensable for streamlined CTEM programs.

Proactive Vulnerability Management:

Integrating with CTI feeds and threat intelligence connectors, Aurora identifies, collects, and correlates vulnerabilities against assets, strengthening an organization’s CTEM approach.

Gap Identification & Prioritization:

Aurora doesn’t just identify security gaps; it gives security teams the data points they need to prioritize the gaps based on their own defined risk scores, helping organizations focus on exposures that present the highest risk.

Asset Relationship Mapping:

With detailed asset relationship insights, Aurora aids organizations in understanding the blast radius and discovering previously unknown assets, fortifying the CTEM framework.

Customization & Reporting:

Offering platform customization, Aurora ensures different roles within the organization have tailored experiences, while its reporting capabilities improve compliance and operational efficiency.


Closing Thoughts: Elevating CTEM with Hubble’s CAASM

In the realm of Continuous Threat Exposure Management, CAASM isn’t just an addition; it’s a game-changer. Its capabilities in enhancing visibility, consolidating data, and identifying vulnerabilities and security gaps are invaluable assets for any organization looking to fortify its defenses against the incessant tide of cyber threats.

Hubble Technology, with its pioneering Aurora™ platform, leads this transformative journey, providing organizations with the tools, insights, and support they need to navigate the complex digital landscape securely and efficiently. With Hubble’s CAASM, your CTEM program isn’t just continuous; it’s continually strengthening, evolving, and safeguarding your organization’s digital future.

Embark on a journey of enhanced security, visibility, and control with Hubble’s CAASM solutions today — where continuous threat exposure management meets unmatched expertise and innovation.