Understand your attack surface

Go beyond CAASM and ASM tools for instant access to a single source of asset context during incident investigations. Understand your potential attack surface from both an inside-out and outside-in perspective.

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Asset context in your workflow tools

Dashboards show complete visibility of asset composition, ownership details, and business context in your current workflow tools. Contextualize data without having to pivot out of your current SIEM, EDR/XDR or CDMB platforms.

Power SOAR Playbooks

Security orchestration and automation cannot function to its full potential, without high fidelity asset telemetry. Hubble’s SOAR integration  allows for asset context to be used directly in SOAR playbooks.

Endpoint security control gap discovery

Identify, report and take action on IT assets that lack one or more security controls or are otherwise non-compliant with your organizations prescribed security baselines and reference frameworks such as CIS.

Hubble is our main source of asset information across the organization. My security operations team can now immediately reconcile assets tied to security events.

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Build a single source of truth

Hubble is the world’s first Technology Intelligence Platform, that provides end-to-end visibility across your entire technology domain.

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  • Rapid time-to-value

    Deploys in minutes with enterprise features such as SSO, right out-of-the-box.
  • Agentless architecture

    Hubble’s SaaS platform seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.
  • Use case library

    Get immediate value from out-of-the-box use cases and workflows.

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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is one of the key pillars of your security program. A lack of complete network, device and other asset inventory and context can lead to misconfigured scanners and ineffective remediation prioritization.

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Bring complete visibility to your technology assets