Introducing Aurora - Blog
We are thrilled to unveil Aurora™, the next-generation Technology Asset Visibility and Cybersecurity Posture Management Platform. This monumental announcement is designed to empower businesses to gain unprecedented insights into their technology ecosystems. With Aurora™, we have refined existing functionalities and introduced groundbreaking new features to help organizations bolster their cybersecurity posture.

Today, we’re excited to deep dive into our revolutionary offering, Aurora™, the next-generation Technology Asset Visibility and Cybersecurity Posture Management Platform. Built on Hubble’s robust Asset Intelligence™ platform, Aurora™ enhances asset visibility, elevating your understanding of your technology ecosystem and cybersecurity posture.

Unique and Customizable Workspaces

A key attribute of Aurora™ is the provision for fully customizable workspaces. Recognizing the distinctive needs of each user, Aurora™ enables you to construct personalized views compiling vital data. Alongside predefined workspaces, you have the flexibility to design dashboards using a diverse range of layouts and data components, ensuring necessary insights are within reach.

Optimized Query Functionality

Aurora™ features an enhanced query functionality, significantly streamlining the search process. Our new Query Library, filled with predefined queries across various categories and use cases, promotes tailored recommendations based on your role. Coupled with an AI-powered autosuggestion feature, Aurora™ offers an optimized search process that provides critical data to the right hands at the right time.

In-Depth Visibility and Agentless Architecture

Aurora™ elevates Hubble’s established prowess in offering end-to-end visibility across technology domains. Its agentless architecture harmoniously integrates with existing security tools, aggregating assets and defining risks throughout your network, enabling you to pinpoint misconfigurations and gaps in your tech infrastructure.

Real-time Asset Intelligence

Aurora™ excels at compiling data from your entire tech stack, providing an exhaustive, continually updated asset inventory. Its near real-time intelligence ensures that your asset data is not just comprehensive but always current, improving your security team’s efficiency and providing an up-to-date source of truth for your IT infrastructure.

Meaningful Visualization

Aurora™ transforms raw data into comprehensible visual narratives through the creation of graphs and maps, facilitating a clear understanding of the relationships between assets and their properties. This visually intuitive approach enhances your ability to prioritize risk and control gaps.

Designed for Various Teams

Aurora™ is designed with an understanding of the diverse challenges faced by different teams within Security. Whether you’re a part of the Threat and Vulnerability Management team, a Security Operations Center, or a Governance, Risk, and Compliance team, Aurora™ enhances your ability to perform effectively and efficiently.  Request access to our use case library today to find out how Aurora™ can specifically enable you to do your specific job more effectively.

Aurora™, a testament to Hubble’s commitment to continuous innovation, is set to redefine Asset Intelligence. Its powerful features coupled with an intuitive interface are ready to steer you into a new era of cybersecurity. Immerse yourself in the new possibilities with Aurora™, and watch your universe of data become more brilliant.

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